ReThink Christmas Offering

December 14, 2017

Every Christmas it is our habit as a church to ReThink some of our Christmas practices.  The thought is that we would each ReThink some of our giving habits and give a gift to Jesus.  Over the years we've given thousands of dollars to orphans, food banks, schools, feeding the hungry and mission projects.  This year the ReThink project is to assist World Outreach Ministries in Uganda to purchase a $40,000 plot of ground for the building of a church. 
Bwaise Worship Center is a 10-year-old church that is in dire need of a place to meet. Their present rented facility is in the slums of Kampala and prone to flooding in the rainy season.   The Bwaise region is one of poorest in Kampala.  The average income in the slums is $1.00 per day.  Think about that!  That means it would take 5 or 6 days to purchase a mocha that most of us don't even think twice abou!
God gave His Son, and the SWAG Family can continue the giving by ReThinking our Christmas gift-giving and direct some of our resources to the believers and not-yet-believers in Kampala.  TOGETHER, WE could jumpstart the purchase of the land for the Bwaise Worship Center with a $10,000 gift!  That is my goal.
 What would Jesus have you give to Him this Christmas?  Would you ask Him?  Together we can make an ENORMOUS difference to the people of Bwaise.

There are several ways to give your ReThink offering.
1.  Give on December 24th at one of the worship services.
2.  Give online at any time between now and January 10th.
3.  Give on a different Sunday - Mark your gift ReThink.

Thank you for your continuous generosity to the needs of the world.  When you see Jesus face to face, you will never regret a single dollar that you've given.

I love you all and am honored to serve SWAG.