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A Practical Guide to Fasting - Bill Bright - Campus Crusade for Christ

First visit info

Connections Café:

The Café is a great gathering place for meeting new friends and connecting with old ones. The Espresso stand is staffed by our Youth and all proceeds go to missions.



Complimentary coffee and tea is available at all our gatherings and can be taken into the auditorium.


During the music and singing portion of our service, people express their thanksgiving and love to God in many different ways: clapping, hands raised, reflection & prayer etc.  We invite you to respond to God and express your thanksgiving in whatever way you are comfortable.  We normally invite people to stand during this portion of the service.  However, please do not feel obligated to do so ~ you may sit at any time.


The offering is one of the ways we express our worship to God.  As our guest, please do not feel obligated to participate in the offering.  You are not prohibited from giving, but, as a visitor, you are in no way obligated.


Qualified and caring volunteers staff our nursery during both services for infants and toddlers through age 2.  You will be assigned a call number; if you are needed for any reason, your number will flash on the small display next to the large video screens in the auditorium. 

Mother’s Room:

This room is located in the back corner of the auditorium and is provided for nursing moms or moms who desire to keep their little ones with them.  It is a sound proof room with a view of the platform and there are audio speakers so that you won’t miss the message.  To protect the privacy of nursing moms we ask that only women enter the Mother’s Room.

Children's Activities: 

The children are dismissed from the 10:30 adult service following the worship time to attend their own children’s church:  Kid's Quest for ages 3 years-3rd grade in room 101, and Studio 46 for 4th, 5th, 6th graders upstairs in room 204.  Please note: Kid's Quest is offered year-round; Studio 46 is available October through May.

Communication Card: 

When you’re ready, we have a Communication Card that we’d love to have you fill out.  You can put the Communication Card in the offering bag or take it to our Espresso Stand at the Connections Café for a complimentary drink.

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